Licensed Skydivers

With Twin Otters and a Grand Caravan, Skydive Lake Wales is situated in hundred of acres of open landscape and clear air, perfect for all disciplines of skydiving — from canopy piloting to record formations to CRW — we welcome you to our playground, where our goal is to see you fly, fly, fly!

  • You must have a valid form of identification.

  • You must be a current USPA member or international equivalent and hold an A license or higher.

  • Bring your data card with a current reserve cycle.

  • Bring your log book, membership card and ratings.

  • If you are not current, you will be required to complete a recurrency jump with an instructor from our school.

    • A license – must have made a jump within 60 days
    • B license – must have made a jump within 90 days
    • C & D licenses – must have made a jump within 6 months